The 273 3 Ranch is owned and operated by two generations of the Albright family: Miles Wylie Albright and Barbara Diann Albright; their daughters are: Spring Robin, Abigayl Grace, Mary Ruth, and Sky Dawn.

Miles is a ninth generation American farmer/stockman. He is a pastor, ordained under MorningStar Ministries, Charlotte, NC. He has a Master’s Degree in Biology and is a published author. He and Barbara have home schooled their children, and have the four finest daughters ever to draw breath!

Physically, the 273 3 Ranch is 532 acres of deeded land and about 100 acres of rented land. It is located in North Alabama on the Tennessee River. The pasture is broken into 26 paddocks, each with its own water supply. The ranch comprises the largest tract of Max Q Fescue in the state.

Our ranch is divided into 26 paddocks, (pastures). The cattle are generally moved to a fresh paddock of grass every day. This keeps them happy, clean, and growing. “The way we ranch is a ‘moving’ thing to see!”

We are located in a panoramic valley surrounded by mountains and garnished with two rivers.

Customers can receive a short ranch tour, (generally limited to Tuesday afternoons), IF THEY CALL AND MAKE ADVANCE ARRANGEMENTS. Sorry, we are a working ranch and a family with a home life to maintain. Please don’t drop in unannounced.

Our business vision is to produce the best organic, GRASS FINISHED beef anywhere.

Nonetheless, the ranch itself is only a nice frame for a “bigger picture”. We bought this particular property while living and ranching in another location. We did so after a remarkable series of dreams, visions, and prophetic experiences. We have consecrated this land to the Lord for His own multi-generational purposes.

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